Review Of Nextiva VOIP Phone Service

My firm needed two phone lines so I shopped around. Nextiva offered unlimited domestic business for $29.99 per line, which comes out to $36 per month after taxes, fees, and surcharges. There was also no contract. Verizon wanted a one-time setup fee of $166 in addition to a monthly charge of $76.12 per line including taxes, fees, and surcharges. They also wanted me to commit to a one-year contract. Vonage charged $50 for their business unlimited plan, but could not give me two lines on the same account. There was nothing negative about Nextiva online, though there wasn't much positive news either, so I decided to try it out.

I placed an order for a Linksys PAP2T-NA VOIP adapter for $55 plus $15 shipping, as well as two lines of service. I was assured that the adapter was unlocked so I could take it with me to another VOIP provider. When the adapter arrived, I set up the system but the phone service would not work. I called Nextiva technical support. They spent an hour on the phone with me but could not get the service running. I decided to take matters into my own hands. With a few minutes of research, I found that I had a "double NAT" problem with my Internet setup, which was preventing the VOIP adapter from dialing out. The problem was quickly resolved, and the Nextiva service was up. While Nextiva technical support was attentive and patient, they did not fix the problem. Minus one.

The voice quality was very good but there was a slight delay when calling cell phones. Calls to landlines were very good in quality, and did not have any observable lag. I was on an hour-long phone call that was crisp, and was not dropped. I stressed the router by running a Bittorrent, but the phone call quality did not decline. I found that to be pretty impressive.

At this point, my concern would be over reliability. You can say what you want about Verizon, but they are rarely down. I would not trust Nextiva at this point to be my sole phone line at this point. I have Google Voice set to route calls to my Nextiva and my cell phone. In a few months, if Nextiva shows good reliability, I'll update this review.


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