Glenn Beck Slammed In Lengthy WIPO Screed

Internet satirists parodied Glenn Beck's "prove you don't beat your wife" rhetoric by questioning Beck's refusal to deny rumors that he had raped and killed a young girl in 1990. Instead of denying the rumor, Beck sued for the domain name in a WIPO administrative proceeding, claiming that the website infringed his trademark "Glenn Beck." Marc J. Randazza, a noted Internet lawyer, represented the respondent and wrote a withering response to the complaint. Money quote:

We are not here because the domain name could cause confusion. We do not have a declaration from the president of the international association of imbeciles that his members are blankly staring at the Respondent’s website wondering “where did all the race baiting content go?” We are here because Mr. Beck wants Respondent’s website shut down.


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