Google Voice For Law Firms

For small law firms, Google Voice can be a very useful tool. The basic functionality of Google Voice is that it provides you with a phone number that forwards calls. There are other features such as voice mail transcription, call recording, and listening in on voice mails that are very useful for attorneys.
Google Voice allows you to forward calls to multiple devices. An attorney can remain available for clients even if they leave for court by forwarding calls to his cell phone in addition to his office phone. If an attorney is talking on the office phone but has to leave, he can transfer the call to his cell by hitting the star key. The phones set up to forward calls will ring, and the attorney can pick up his cell phone to continue the call transparently to the client.

Voice mails left in the Google Voice number can be transcribed into text and sent via e-mail. Though this is not very accurate right now, it generally provides you with the gist of the phone call you missed because you're in court. Instead of stepping out to make a call, you can check your Blackberry instead.

You can record incoming phone calls by hitting "4". Google Voice will let the other party know that the call is being recorded before doing so.

The coolest feature is that you can listen in on a voice mail being left with a chance to pick up by hitting "2", which is like an old school answering machine. Therefore, you can screen calls if you're on the road and take crucial calls only.

Google Voice is very useful for small law practices who need an easy and affordable way to keep in touch with their clients and their offices while they're on the road.


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