GOP Loves Socialist Medicare

The Republican Party is urging President Obama to protect the elderly and their Medicare. As usual, it makes no sense at all. Completely confusing the issues, Republican Chairman Michael Steele demands that President Obama prevent "any government role in end-of-life care. And stop bureaucrats from getting between seniors and their doctors." Mr. Steele is many decades too late in demanding the government step aside from any role in end-of-life care. Medicare already pays for such care for many Americans. In fact, many Americans cannot afford such care without Medicare. And lest you forget, Medicare is a federal program.

The GOP hasn't explained why Medicare is not a socialist medical program that reeks of Nazism. The ranting and raving at the town hall protests would directly apply to Medicare as it is completely funded by the federal government. For some reason, however, Republicans believe that Medicare is different. Why? Because it works, it is popular, and any widespread recognition that Medicare is government-run would disembowel the Republican smear campaign against health care reform. If you want to see what Republicans really think about socialized health care, look at their support for Medicare. The elderly are happy with their Medicare; why can't we all enjoy health insurance?


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