Illegal Immigrants Subsidize Social Security

A federal law that fines employers for hiring illegal immigrants have forced such workers to use false federal identification. Employers also have to put all the workers on the payroll so that Social Security and federal taxes are withdrawn from their salary. Of course, the illegal immigrants cannot draw Social Security upon retirement. The end result is that illegal immigrants are subsidizing Social Security by as much as $7 billion a year. That's the surplus that Social Security currently enjoys.

You can deny illegal immigrants health care if you want, but you can't say that they're lazy or undeserving people. To me, a person who risks his life to enter this country has done more to earn his place here than someone who just happened to be born in the right place. (Illegal immigrants aren't even criminals—it's not a criminal act to overstay a visa.)

Anyway, someone should make a reality TV show based on this concept, no? Survivor: Americas.


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