Odd Day At The Office

Today marks the first month in the office. We're renovating the office at the moment. At least the banging stopped. There's only painting left to do. And installing the door, which had to be trimmed and lacquered first.

Incidentally, yesterday marked the first time we deposited client monies into our operating account. For non-lawyers out there (or unethical lawyers), retainers have to go into the client trust account. Earned fees can be transferred into the operating account. The unearned portion of the retainer has to be returned. We finally sent out some bills and transferred money into the operating agreement.

Overall, this should have been a great day but the Nextiva VOIP phones have not been working well after Verizon downgraded our service. That's really annoying the heck out of me.

Well, there's always tomorrow.


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