Yanks Sweep Sox To Clinch AL East

A strong start by Andy Pettite, who appears to be healthy going into the playoff, led the Yankees to a 4-2 victory over the Red Sox. Brian Bruney pitched effectively, retiring each of the five batters he faced. The Yankees are the first AL team to clinch their division.

The Yankees have demonstrated that they are a complete team heading into the playoffs. Their starters have pitched strongly, and their bullpen is the strongest in baseball. Mark Texeira is the defensively-strong first baseman the Yankees never had in recent years. Alex Rodriguez appears to be a new man after hip surgery, and now appears able to hit in the clutch.

Others have noted that the Yankees infield is one of the strongest in baseball, and it's hard to argue otherwise. Jeter is solid at shortstop, and Robinson Cano has been defensively strong though he has failed in the clutch.

I hope the Yankees relax their starters over the last week of the season. A healthy, relaxed Yankee team are the team to beat in the playoffs this year. With any luck, this will be the end of the World Series drought.


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