Zazi Charged In Bomb Plot

Najibullah Zazi was indicted today in Brooklyn for participating in a bomb plot. According to the indictment, he was found with bomb-making instructions, and had tried to acquire materials to make the peroxide-based explosives that were used in the London bus bombings. Zazi searched the Internet for a source of muriatic acid in Flushing, Queens.

Furthermore, it appears that a Queens imam, Ahmad Wais Afzali, who was helping the FBI suddenly changed his mind and tipped off Zazi that the feds were after him. This apparently forced the FBI and the NYPD to nab Zazi sooner than they preferred.

It's scary to see terrorists in our backyard. At the same time, it feels oddly nice to have the FBI and NYPD pursue them as criminals pursuant to the letter of the law rather than shipping them off to some dark dungeon for torture.


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