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Surprisingly Effective Sen. Al Franken Beats Up On Think Tank

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute think tank, was testifying before Congress regarding the Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act when she launched an attack on the proposed health care reforms, which were not even the topic of the hearing. She claimed that health care reform would increase American medical bankruptcies. Sen. Al Franken noted that countries with health care systems similar to the proposed systems had zero bankruptcies. Roth then claimed that we had better cancer survival rates. Franken pointed out that the study she was relying upon was unreliable because it cherry-picked the most survivable cancers. He then noted that the hearing was on medical bankruptcies, not health care reform, then moved on. 

ALC Game 6 Rained Out

CC Sabathia will have normal rest now. Andy Pettitte gets a day of sleep.

Yanks Prove Only Human; Lose to Angels 4-3 in 11th.

Pod-Rod continues his torrid post-season slugging but the Yankees lost to the Angels in the eleventh. Dave Robertson got two quick outs in the eleventh on eleven pitches before he was pulled in favor of Aceves. Aceves gives up a single and a double to lose the game. I'm normally not a fan of second-guessing managers but I'll make an exception this time. Robertson was very effective this post-season while Aceves has struggled. You have to go with the hot hand (or arm). Well, you can win them all. I hope the Yanks win today to get three more shots at closing this series out.

Patriots Squeak By Titans, 59-0.

Tom Brady threw six touchdown passes—five in the second quarter—to lead the New England Patriots over the Tennessee Titans 59-0 . Brady threw for 380 yards while the Patriots gained a club-record 619 yards overall. The Titans are still winless this season.

Balloon Boy Was A Hoax

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden held a press conference to announce that the story of a boy trapped in a balloon was a hoax . Alderden expressed his hopes that the parents would be charged with conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, false reporting to authorities, and attempting to influence a public servant.

Pod A-Rod Continues To Be Clutch

The Yankees tried their best to give away Game 2 of the ALCS, committing three errors on the evening. However, the Angels impudently refused the Yankee's charity by throwing a Melky Cabrera ground ball away in the bottom of the thirteenth inning to let Harry Hairston, Jr. (aka, the guy who blew Andy Pettite's bid for a perfect game) score the winning run. A-Rod continued his incredible performance this post-season by slugging a game-tying homer in the eleventh, to match an earlier homer by Derek Jeter. The offensive performance hid the Yankee's poor fielding up the middle, with Jeter committing an error and Robinson Cano uncharacteristically fumbling two balls. The Angels leave New York down two games in the series to face Andy Pettite on Monday.

The A-Rod We Don't Know But Love

Regarding a close play at the plate in Game 1 of the ALCS : As he approached third base, Rodriguez saw coach Rob Thomson waving him home. So he put his head down and rounded the bag, oblivious of the fact that Thomson had ceased waving and begun imploring Rodriguez to stop. "Once I saw the go, I put my head down," Rodriguez said. "It was my mistake." And one thing led to another. " Once I screwed up, I just figured my only shot to be safe was just to run him over ," A-Rod said. The replays showed that A-Rod was safe, but the umps called him out. This is a far cry from the A-Rod that swatted at a first baseman's glove.

Dealing With Home Contractors

I wrote another article for my firm's website giving advice on dealing with home improvement contractors : Home improvement contractors are infamously unreliable. It seems like everyone has a horror story about a contractor not finishing a project on time, or using sub-standard materials to finish a job. This article will discuss a few ways a homeowner can find a reliable home improvement contractor, and to protect himself.

Limbaugh Plays The Race Card

In an article in the Wall Street Journal , Rush Limbaugh addresses the controversy over his proposed ownership of a NFL team by claiming that no conservative meets the NFL's standards. To recap, Limbaugh was a member of a group that wanted to buy the Rams, but that fell apart in light of his controversial statements regarding blacks. He now claims that the media will accuse any conservative of racism. However, that would be ignoring his repeated offensive statements against blacks. (Limbaugh seems okay with Asians and Hispanics.)

Baucus Health Care Bill Leaves Committee

The Senate Finance Committee passed Max Baucus' $829 billion  health care reform bill by a vote of 14-9 . The bill has no public option, and was certified by the CBO to lower the deficit. Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, the only Republican to vote for the bill, reiterated that she is dead-set against any public option. The ranking Republican on the Committee, Chuck Grassley, said that Democrats rebuffed and defeated Republican efforts to be involved. Grassley did not explain what changes to the bill the Republicans sought.  The bill now goes to the Senate. It will be interesting to see how the Republicans react, because the ball is in their court.

Oklahoma Law To Post Abortion Data Online

Under a new law, the Oklahoma Department of Health will begin to post detailed information on abortions performed in the state . Doctors will be required to submit a form for each abortion they perform. The patient's name is not included in the form, but information such as her age, race, and reason for obtaining an abortion will be collected. Having the government come between the doctor and patient in a way that threatens confidentiality is out of place for a conservative state.  I can understand the need to collect detailed statistics on abortions. However, posting the information on a publicly-available website seems odd. I hope that the law is construed so that only collective, general information will be posted, not the contents of each single abortion report.

Banks More Likely To Modify Mortgages

I wrote a new article for my law firm's website regarding mortgage modifications . The Obama Administration's new Making Homes Affordable Program began this year, but banks have learned from their previous experiences from last year that they need to make big changes in a borrower's monthly payments in order to prevent foreclosures.

New York City Tenant Protection Act

I wrote a new article regarding the new Tenant Protection Act for my firm's website  at Jakubowitz & Chuang LLP :  New York City’s Tenant Protection Act protects tenants from landlord harassment but is balanced to stop frivolous claims by tenants. Landlords have a pecuniary interest in evicting tenants residing in rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments. While there are tenants who illegally sublet their regulated apartments for a profit while they live elsewhere, there are also instances where innocent tenants find themselves being harassed by their landlords. The Act protects tenants who are being harassed by landlords looking to evict them. Go there to read the entire article .

Yanks Beat Twins With A Little Help

The Yankees beat the Twins 5-4 in the eleventh inning of Friday night's ALDS Game 2 on Mark Texeira's walk-off homer, which was only possible because Alex Rodriguez slugged a tying two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth.

Securing Your WordPress Blog

I previously wrote an article on creating a WordPress blog . This article focuses on keeping your WordPress website safe. Crackers want to break into your website in order to spam your readers or install spyware onto their computers. Search engines might delete your hacked website from their indices, thus rendering your invisible to the world. You need to protect your readers and your hard-earned search engine page rank.