Yanks Beat Twins With A Little Help

The Yankees beat the Twins 5-4 in the eleventh inning of Friday night's ALDS Game 2 on Mark Texeira's walk-off homer, which was only possible because Alex Rodriguez slugged a tying two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth.

The Twins believe that they were robbed by Phil Cuzzi, the left-field umpire who incorrectly called a would-be Joe Mauer double a foul ball in the top of the eleventh inning. More egregiously, Melky Cabrera touched the ball, so it was in play even if it had landed foul. Joe Mauer would later single in the at-bat, but remain stranded after two base hits that would have scored him. 

As things ended up, however, David Robertson got out of a bases-loaded, none out jam to earn the win. Mark Texeira had pie smeared on his face by A.J. Burnett, who turned in six innings of one-run ball despite hitting two batsmen. Burnett was helped by a base running blunder by Carlos Gomez, who slipped near second base as the trailing runner. Gomez attempted to crawl back to second, only to be tagged out by Derek Jeter to end the inning before the lead runner had a chance to score.

The Twins should get over the bad call. They need to go into tomorrow's game with their heads on their shoulders instead of steaming over how they were robbed by the umpires. 


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