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Florence ADX: A Cleaner Version Of Hell

If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed avoids the death penalty, he's almost certain to end up at the SuperMax prison in Florence, Colorado along with about 40 other terrorists. Florence ADX was called a "cleaner version of hell" by a former warden. A former inmate describes his experience in SuperMax a perfection of isolation.

Sen. Graham Blasts US Trial For Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Sen. Lindsey Graham argued that trying the plotters of 9/11 in a civilian court would set bad precedent. Graham argued that doing so would be criminalizing the war. I agree that trying Mohammed in a federal court would be treating him as a mere criminal. I disagree that this is not the right course of action. KSM and his plotters are not soldiers, and they are not fighting a war against us. They are criminals who murdered 3,000 innocent civilians. Let's give them a fair trial, and then hang the bastards.

11/3 - Jon Stewart Mocks Glenn Beck

Jon Stewart, on the episode of the Daily Show that aired on November 5, 2009, channeled Glenn Beck while discussing Glenn Beck's appendix. As you can see, Stewart even breaks out the chalkboard and organs of liberty in order to explain what's going on with Beck.

Republican: Reform Scarier Than Terrorism

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) claimed that the nation has more to fear from health care reform than terrorism. I guess that's a ringing endorsement of Obama's prosecution of the war on terrorism.

Man Insults Judge, Gets Six Months In Jail

Kane Kellett, the defendant in a home invasion robbery trial, cursed out the judge while being sworn in. The judge didn't find it too amusing, as he sentenced Kellett to six months in jail for contempt of court. Amongst other things, Kellett has been accused of attacking a pregnant woman.

BWM SUV Runs Over Two Cars

A sixty-two year old lady driving a BWM SUV runs over two cars in a parking lot, then drives away. One of the run-over cars was a Hyundai that was just paid off. The company gave a new car to the owner.