Notary Public Supplies

Attorneys in New York have the option of being a notary public by application instead of examination. After starting my own legal practice, I decided to become a notary public. I called the NY Department of State, which sent an application form. They couldn't make the form available online because it was on card stock. Anyway, I filled out the form and sent it back with a $60 check. A few weeks later, I received our notary public card.

I placed an order for a notary public stamp and seal at on December 1, 2009. I ordered the Value Package II, which cost $37.95 along with $5.95 in shipping and handling. On December 8, 2009, the stamp and seal came in. I was surprised by how heavy the seal was, and the fact that it imprinted my name as well as the notary number. The products seemed sturdy enough though I can't tell how long it is going to last.

At this point, I would recommend buying notary public supplies from Blumberg wanted $75+ for the stamp and seal.


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