Review Of Google Apps Standard

At work, we have been using Google Apps Standard for a few months at this point, primarily for mail hosting and calendaring. I have been happy with the functionality of the services. It has been very reliable. The webmail interface for Google Apps went down on two occasions but we were still able to send and receive mail using the IMAP servers with Outlook. Furthermore, the integration with my Blackberry has been seamless. Mail from my work domain is pushed onto the device just like regular Gmail. Google Sync For Mobile keeps my Blackberry updated with my personal and work calendars. However, Google Apps still does not provide a way to sync work contacts with my Blackberry, which is pretty disappointing.

In the future, I hope Google Apps provides a way to sync contacts with your Blackberry. It would also be great if I could use Google Voice with a Google Apps account. Even with these deficiencies, however, Google Apps has been a very welcome tool for my small business.


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