Review Of My Keurig Coffee Machine

My brother bought me a Keurig Single-Serve Coffee System as an office-warming present. I've used it for two months now, and I thought I should write about it. The model my brother got has a sixty-ounce water reservoir so it doesn't have to be refilled every time, which is very convenient. The Keurig makes great coffee very quickly. It takes about twenty seconds for a cup to be brewed. The only complaint I have with the Keurig is that it gets very loud sometimes as it heats up the water. Otherwise, it has been a huge asset to our office.


  1. It's great gift!
    I love Keurig Brewer as well. Makes Great coffee - fast, easy and no mess :). But K-Cups for it not cheap. Actually 40c-50c per cup. Here's website with K-Cup Coffee coupons if you interesting.


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