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Google Chrome Now Has Ad-Block!

Google updated its Chrome Browser  with support for extensions, APIs, and syncing your Chrome bookmarks to Google Docs. The best extension, of course, is Ad Block. Kiss your ads goodbye! Another nifty extension is the Google Voice extension. It puts a little Google Voice icon on the minimalist Chrome menu that signals when you have a voice mail. Click on it to place a call, send a text message, or go to your inbox. I think Chrome is now finally ready for the prime time.

2008 Olympics: Jason Lezac Wins the Relay for the US

Jimmy Kimmel Slays Jay on His Own Show

Jay Leno had Jimmy Kimmel over on the 10 at 10 bit. Some of the punchlines: "Listen, Jay, Conan and I have children—all you have to take care of is cars. I mean, we have lives to lead here. You've got $800 million, for God's sakes—leave our shows alone."

Haitians Protest Aid Delays By Building Corpse Roadblocks

Does this sound stupid to anyone else? " Reports are coming in of Haitians using corpses as roadblocks to protest the lack of assistance they’re receiving. Looting is also being reported ." I hope this is a hoax or bad reporting. The international community better hurry the hell up and send aid in there. High temperatures would dehydrate survivors quickly, and disease will be rampant unless controlled.