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Attorneys Targeted by Scammers

Attorneys are being targeted by scammers passing bad settlement checks , or by hackers trying to infiltrate their computer systems to get confidential information such as the result of litigations or customer data. Interestingly, foreign governments may be behind the attacks. A law firm that filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government had its Gmail account hacked along with those of Chinese activists. Checks are a big problem for law firms because of the chances of a bounced check. Companies such as Law Charge provide the service of depositing checks electronically, which takes a day or so out of the float period so you will know sooner if a check is fake. However, the best preventative measure is to know how to identify a fake check. Always ask clients for photo ID, make a copy, and compare the signatures. Make sure the check number on the bottom matches up with the check number printed on top, and that the routing number is nine digits. If it is a large amount, have the client w

Chilean Earthquake Shortened Day

A NASA scientist said that the Chilean earthquake, which registered an 8.8 on the Richter scale, likely shifted the Earth's axis and shortened the day by 1.26 microseconds . An island near Chile was moved six feet as a result of the earthquake. That is an awesome demonstration of how powerful the earthquake was, and  how lucky that casualties there have not been more severe.