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Google Cloud Connect

Google recently announced their Cloud Connect service , which allows users to sync their documents with Google Docs from the Microsoft Office suite. The service keeps documents updated with the online version, which can be edited remotely from computers as well as smartphones. The coolest feature, however, is ability to collaborate with multiple users at the same time. It's like a group chat except a document is being edited in near-real time. Versions of all changes are kept so you can go back and forth without fear of losing any changes. Small businesses that cannot afford to set up Microsoft SharePoint will find the collaboration functionality a great tool.

Google Mail Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication

The Google Blog reports that Google will be rolling out two-factor authentication for all Gmail users over the next few days. This security feature will allow users to set up their email so that a code sent to or generated by their phone is necessary to log into Gmail. The same technology is already available for banking websites, and it was released to Google Apps users months ago. I'm curious how this will work with Outlook.