My Pomeranian Is Epileptic

Pom Pom, my three year old Pomeranian, had a seizure Saturday night. He suddenly started drooling and his hind legs went spastic. His pupils were dialated and he vomited and lost control of his bladder.

When the seizure subside, he was scared and sat in a corner. I consoled him and offered him bacon and chicken which made him a bit happier. The vet said to wait and see how often the seizures happen before giving him medication but Pom Pom is back to his usual self.

If your dog has such an episode, take him to the vet. Smaller dogs are more susceptible to epilepsy and some might have it worse than Pom Pom. With any luck, he'll be fine but for now, he will get more chicken from me.


  1. I should also note that "fly biting" (where your dog attacks invisible flies) is also a potential sign of seizures. I took my dog to the vet after she started doing this, but he said that since she doesn't have grand mal seizures, it is not serious enough to medicate. We just have to keep a close eye on her.

    I wish the best for Pom Pom- hope this is an isolated incident. I'm glad you were able to comfort him.

  2. Thank God Pom Pom didn't have a grand mal seizure, and you're right, Laura. If he were alone during the seizure, it would have been far scarier for him. He doesn't do "fly biting" but I'll keep an eye on it. (Frogger the Chihuahua bites real flies, but that's another matter entirely.)

  3. Wow, that would have scared me. I hope that your dog will get passed this.


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