What a Time-Saver

I was sick and tired of going to the post office to buy stamps or to use certified mail. So a few months ago, I joined The welcome kit includes a digital scale that plus into the computer for the software to use.
The software is really powerful. It automatically weighs the letter and lets you print the right postage and address right into the envelope. For packages, it prints onto paper. I have a Dymo LabelWriter Twin 450, which also works with the Stamps software.

As for certified mail, I ordered  a bunch of forms from the USPS website. After filing out the form by hand, I can print the postage right into the envelope, which I then drop into the mailbox.

Now some off you are asking if I needed the letters franked or postmarked. Once the post office lost a piece of certified mail. I had the postmarked certified mail receipt but it did no good. From that point on, I have made a point of checking each certified letter on the Post Office website the day after I dropped it off to see that it made it into their systems.

Overall, I'm very happy with It costs sixteen dollars in addition to the postage but I mail a lot of stuff. It has been worth the cost for me and I recommend it to those who have to mail lots of stuff.


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