Manhattan Automobile Company: Bad Customer Service Or Worst Customer Service?

I am on the market for a new car. I want to buy America to support our economy, and Ford seems to have nice cars. So I make up my mind. I want a blue 2011 Ford Fusion SE, with the Sync package and reverse sensing system. I decide to use the Internet because I'm a modern guy. TrueCar provides a quote of $22,199 along with three local dealers who would honor that price. Manhattan Automobile Company was one of the dealers. They're the closest, so I send off an email to Ali Mahidashti since his contact info was provided. Then everything falls apart when he delegates the job to one of his subordinates.

So this guy David Denby writes back, "Ali asked me to contact you in the hope that I can help you in your search. Besides the $22,199 price, what is the total out of pocket ( tax, tags, etc. ) out the door best cash price that you have been quoted?" I answer truthfully, which was that TrueCar provided me with three dealers at the exact same quote. In fact, they provide a Price Protection Guarantee to make sure the dealers abide by the quote. But Denby writes back, and he is ANGRY:
I asked you a very specific question which needs an answer. I will ask you again; How much money do you need to take out of your pocket in order to drive the car home? The answer needs only to be a total which includes sales tax, license plates, rebates, and whatever other charges the 3 dealers were willing to take in cash to let you drive home. Did any of the 3 dealers send you proof that they indeed had the vehicle as you described available for immediate delivery?
Denby is pretty worked up. All I did was to try and buy a car from him using TrueCar. But he does make a good point. That seems to be information that I should have handy. So I ask him and all the other dealers for the same info.
Perhaps you can provide me with the answer to your own question. Do you have a 2011 Ford Fusion SE with the six speed automatic, Sync system, and the backup detector in stock? I'll ask them for the same number as well.
 The other dealers give me the numbers. David Denby, when asked for the information he thinks other dealers should give me, writes:
Since you don’t want to give me an answer, my answer to you is; I will beat any price that you can provide me with in writing with a signed order including a vehicle identification # from a legitimate Ford dealer.The ball is in your court. My guess is that if you don’t act in the 24 – 48 hours, your window of opportunity for getting a 2011 Fusion will be closed.
 This guy is kind of obnoxious, rude, and won't give me the information he thinks other dealers should provide. So I tell him I am taking my business elsewhere. He responds:
Before you run away wounded you might want to re-consider my offer of being able to beat any legitimate price. The longer you wait the less likely that you will be able to get a 2011 at all. I offered to beat your best price and you want to go elsewhere? Perhaps you are blowing smoke!!!!!
 So now I'm a liar? Jeez. All I did was get a quote on TrueCar, which his dealership provided.  Now he's not giving a straight answer on the price, and he's calling me a liar. So I told him straight-up why I didn't want to do business with him: "I just don't like your attitude. You're obnoxious." His retort:
Excuse me for making you feel violated! I have dealt with too many “ buyers that are liars” such as yourself for probably longer than you are alive.
A used car salesman is calling me a liar. I'm a lawyer, but still, this is irony, right? I forward the TrueCar quote to Denby, and noted the irony: "Haha. A car salesman calling someone else a liar. =P" His response?
You’re right!!!! It’s pretty sad when a car salesman comes across someone like you who can’t see when he’s been outsmarted!!!!! Perhaps you might try one of the Japanese brands. I heard they are very ckeap. Hyundai has some nice cars that would be as cheap as you are.
Now that's kind of funny. I want to naively "do the right thing" and buy America but this guy is telling me to buy a Japanese car. Because they are very cheap. Which planet has this guy been on? Japanese cars are not only dominating the car market, they're also more expensive than American cars because they are in demand.

But the bottom line is that David Denby, a Senior Sales Consultant at Manhattan Automobile Company isn't interested in making a sale. He's more interested in being a jerk and stroking his own ego. I guess business is booming where he is doing business out on Eleventh Avenue. But he didn't get my money. David, you just lost out on a sale. To someone who is obsessive and petty enough to post this all online. =/


  1. Read your review of David Denby, and I have to say, my experience was very very similar... The guy is unbelievable! VERY rude, full of himself, but most importantly, dishonest.


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