S&P In The Garden Of Good And Evil

God: *voice booms* "I am the Lord, your God! I am all-knowing, ever-present and all powerful. Mine powers are infinite! I am the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords! Worship me, and thou shalt be saved!"

Devil: *slithers up in an absurdly flashy sharkskin suit* "ssssssss...I'm a SNAKE! We can collateralize the debt obligations of many HUMANS, (*flicks forked tongue at God*) working Joes, and get huge insurance companies to insure them with CDSsssssssesssss. You're much better off diversifying your counter-party risk portfolio than putting all of your eggs in one bassssssket." *coils languidly*

S&P: *downgrades God* "Just because You can shape this world of Your Creation to Your bidding doesn't mean that you'd actually do it. *looks at snake* "So tell me more about these collateralized debt obligations..."


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