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Windows Home Server 2011 For The Office

I am writing about the new server I set up with Windows Home Server 2011. I had been using a Synology DS210j for the last year, and it has been great. It is encrypted transparently, it serves up the files quickly, and I can access my files remotely. And with one gigabyte of mirrored storage, I can back up all of my computers (three desktops and a laptop) onto the little server. However, I've been wanting more from my server. My Synology is quickly filling with space due to all the backups. The multiple copies of Windows 7 sure takes up a lot of space! I also have initiate backups from each computer, which gets old very fast. I read about Windows Home Server 2011 being able to take care of up to ten computers on a single network, so I decided to take the plunge when it went on sale for $45. I bought an AMD based motherboard and processor combo , and reused some hard drives, RAM, and a case I had sitting around. I installed it from a USB key drive, which took a lot of work to g