Occupy Wall Street

I hate hippies as much as the next man but the Occupy Wall Street crowd is onto something. Income and wealth inequality are at record highs, and social mobility is at an all-time low. The American dream is out of reach for many Americans. We are approaching a caste system with a permanently disenfranchised subclass. Policies meant to lower the gap are denounced as handouts or socialism. Yet banks received hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars they used towards bonuses. We shrug as though it is inevitable that the rich will always get richer and the poor will get poorer.

Since when did we forget how to hope and aspire to a better tomorrow? If anything, let's hope that the Occupy Wall Street protests result in change to give the disenfranchised a hand up. Cut payroll taxes for the poor and middle class. That would create incentives to hire Americans instead of outsourcing. Raise taxes on the rich and super-rich. Make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy after seven years so the free market can work. Tax corporations that use loopholes to make billions without paying a penny in American taxes.

Let's create an America where we don't have to cynically assume that the game is always rigged.


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