Pete Hoekstra Is A Coward

Pete Hoekstra is running to be a Congressional representative from Michigan. He posted a Super Bowl ad where a Chinese woman speaking broken English thanks his opponent for sending jobs to America and thereby making the Chinese economy stronger.

Hoekstra claims that this was not racist at all. Rather, he says that this demonstrate how educated the Chinese are. Imagine! Chinese peasants are bicycling around rice paddies speaking English mocking us!
But the kerfuffle hides the main issue. Pete Hoekstra is an unqualified Washington insider who has done many stupid things in his political life. He held a press conference claiming that there had been weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. Of course, that was not true at all. Then Hoekstra said that Iran had created weapons grade uranium. Again, that wasn't true. Hoekstra had promised the voters that he would respect term limits, but then broke that promise by running for a seventh term. Apparently, it was interests of national security that forced him to stay on as a Congressman. But then Congressman Hoekstra wanted to shut up left-wing critics of the Iraq War by posting a bunch of documents taken from Iraq showing that Iraq had a weapons program. Of course, those notes were useful to those actually seeking to create nuclear weapons, so Hoekstra had to close the website.

So that's the kind of people who want to be our Congressional reps.


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