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WordPress Sites Under Attack! Buckle Down!

Network World reports that 30,000 WordPress pages have been infected in the latest round of hacks . Many of the compromised systems have a fake malware plugin called " ToolsPack ". If you see this on your WordPress site, remove it. To prevent infection, use really strong passwords. Use KeePass or LastPass to generate long passwords with random symbols. Furthermore, always keep your installation of WordPress and its plugins backed up and up to date. The hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities in past versions of WordPress to gain entry.

RAID on HP ProLiant Microserver

The HP ProLiant Microserver  has been a popular platform for small businesses and home users who want to run Windows Home Server 2011 . RAID is a technology that stores data across multiple drives for redundancy against hard drive failure or for extra speed. There are different kinds of RAID arrays. I will explain how to set up a RAID 1 array, which mirrors (copies) data on two drives to keep the data safe even if one of the drives fail.