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Dear Chickenhawk Mitt:

It's time to shake your Etch a Sketch again after you said that even Carter would have okayed the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Let's get the facts straight here. Jimmy Carter spent ten years in the military. As President, Carter made the very gutsy call to insert a special forces team to extract the Iranian hostages—remember Operation Eagle Claw? This was before our special forces were as well-trained as they are currently. The operation ended in the Desert One debacle, which left eight servicemen dead after a Sea Stallion collided with a C-130 in a huge fireball that incinerated both aircraft. This event was the impetus behind the formation of the Special Operations Air Regiment (aka SOAR Nightstalkers), which now flies special operations soldiers into and out of combat. Memorably, in Black Hawk Down, a SOAR pilot hovered his Huey in a corridor between two houses with inches to spare on either side of the rotor to cut off a bunch of militants surg…