Smart Ideas From Sen. John Cornyn

Republican Senator John Cornyn said that he was "not impressed" with the intelligence of Attorney General Eric Holder in an interview with Fox News. I just wanted to take the opportunity to list the good ideas Sen. Cornyn had over the last few years:

  1. Sponsored a bill where anyone arrested or detained by federal authorities must provide a sample of their DNA to be placed into a central database.
  2. Voted against additional funding for up-armoring vehicles for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  3. Voted against restricting businesses with ties to terrorism. 
  4. Voted against that a bill that would expand educational benefits for veterans who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  5. Voted for tax cuts for the rich, voted against a payroll tax cut that would have gone to the middle class and the working poor.
  6. As state Attorney General, awarded "Lawman of the Year" award to a freelance undercover police officer who had falsely testified to put 46 folk in jail for drug crimes, including one third of the male black population of Tulia, Texas. (Falsely testified as in claiming to have bought drugs from someone who was at work at the time, and from someone who was in Oklahoma City during the bust.) 
Cornyn loves terrorists, hates civil liberties, and hates the troops. Does anyone else think that that's smart? 


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